A Stranger Paradise

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Bórgia Ginz

Ansiamos a instituição da livre circulação e transmissão de objectos da criação intelectual abstracta. O Homem não é; o Homem é uma potência do que pode vir a ser. E nós ambicionamos o Homem-outro. Nós não nos baseamos nas velhas teorias. Nós não nos baseamos em nada. Construimos realidade. A nossa.



Joséphine Muller

De jour en jour le besoin s'impose d'avantage. Il ne se prête plus guère à une considération détachée. La stylistique appliquée n'est pas l'observation du réel.



Ian Linter

Non musika Excentrica IN! For electronikal renoise Key. Submit Random Science & reduction. Overflow cast Numar is for Den emon exp & la mort pour Vitas body convolution.



Juca Pimentel

Eu olho para Ti, e tenho medo, minha querida… Eu vejo-Te despida num sonho purpúreo e diabólico, e sinto nojo… e sinto vontade de vomitar, meu amor….


Radio schedule

OLoF NiNe - Fuck, You're Dead - A Stranger Paradise
Juca Pimentel - Casio SA-5 - A Stranger Paradise


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25 Apr

offb029 Classwar Karaoke - Octaèdre Resonant

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Classwar Karaoke - Octaèdre Resonant Classwar Karaoke - Octaèdre Resonant

Release Information

La Société de Curiosités, A Stranger Paradise and Classwar Karaoke present

Octaèdre Resonant

an octet in two movements for electro-acoustic instruments, guitars, bass, prepared chamber, effects pedals, machinery, electronics, tapes, monotron, goyamoog, kaossilator, objects

With Adrian Beentjes, Anton Mobin, Ayato, Colin Johnco, David Cunliffe, Hopek Quirin, Ian Linter, Murmurists, Thomas Fernier

Recorded Live at Les Voûtes - Paris - 21st April.

Produced by Ian Linter & Joséphine Muller.

Photos by Anton Mobin, Lysvia Maïz and Chloé B. Video by Chloé B.

Special thanks to Eric Périer (La Société de Curiosités) and Remi Gros (Les Voûtes).


Download Name Size Length
download 1st Movement 99.5 MB 43:20 min
download 2nd Movement 94.6 MB 41:12 min

Murmurists (Anthony Donovan) (uk)

Artist, musician, writer, composer, working solo as Murmurists. Improviser - with Vultures Quartet, Familiars, Donovan/Graham, and others. Member of Lux P0G0 and the.clinamen. Ardent collaborator. Co-founder of Classwar Karaoke with Jaan Patterson and Adrian Beentjes. Erstwhile academic. Born North West England; now Middle-England. Mid40s; moderately-healthy. Interests all either obscure or intentionally opaque, but morally authentic.

Fretless half-guitars, Goyamoog, Objects



Adrian Beentjes (usa)

Born in 1973 in Philadelphia, USA. He lives with his family in the north-west England. Obsessed with sound​​, his passion draw upon the exploration of soundrecording, mixed / multi-media, performance and unrecordism. He leads the collective Classwar Karaoke with Anthony Donovan and Jaan Patterson and currently produces sound works under the project named Deadzoo.

Pickup, pickup coil, circuit bent toys, Field Recording, Microcassette, dc motors ...



Hopek Quirin (de)

Musician, objector, member of AADK, working with 6 or 7, abq, jochen arbeit's soundscapes, classwar karaoke, madzaru etc.

Bass, Effekt pedals, Objects



Ian Linter (pt)

Electro-organic immediatism in any possible structure through a real-time feedback series of necessary events, expressed since the early 90's on distinct anti-aesthetics with names like OLoF NiNe, ACT9, Airf'Auga, Massacre Divino, La Main Traumatique with Joséphine Muller, Plasma, RTP, among others.

“Non musika Excentrica IN! For electronikal renoise Key. Submit Random Science & reduction. Overflow cast Numar is for Den emon exp & la mort pour Vitas body convolution.”

Electronics, ohmed guitar



Anton Mobin (fr)

Radio producer, sound artist and improvisator. He develops an intuitive, energetic music and done wonders for the self-confidence by any elitist codes which the improvised music. Anton Mobin multiplies the meetings with numerous international artists on stage and during his home radio show "A Maïzing session with..." on the webradio KKWNE.
Curator of the Improvisator Network and of the label H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record.

Prepared Chamber, Microphones, Objects, Electronics



Ayato (fr)

Musician, guitarist, do-it-yourselfer, composer of a dense and complex high-jacking music. One of the most active members of the collective H.A.K with a considerable production published on the label H.A.K. Lo-Fi Record. Part  of  Crash  Duo,  Cluedo  Krew,  Polymagoo  Commando, Thanato Twist with  Oleg's  Sound System. Ayato  also  develops  a  particular  dialogue  with  Image  during  live  soundtracks  and  with  the photographer Malik Nejmi.

Prepared Guitar, Objects, Cassettes



Thomas Fernier (fr)

Musician, composer, working solo (Chevo Légé), in duo (Marteau Mu, tvlasunor & Thomas Fernier) Part of the collective of improvisation “ Supersoft [14-18] ” (label : Partycul System) and of “Poésie  Is  Not  Dead” (collective  of  improvised  sessions  with  poets,  musicians  and  video directors). Realisation of soundtracks for des bandes-son for the theater and the dance (Benoît Bradel, Tomeo Verges)

Prepared Guitar, jack



Colin Johnco (fr)

Musician  and  sound  designer  based  in  Paris,  France.  In  late  2006,  he  created  LEEP (Les Enregistrements de l'Europe Parisien) then CJC records, both independent net-labels favoring ambient and experimental electronic music. Colin Johnco is currently playing in different bands such as FareWell Poetry, DR(DR)ONE and Prison Food Sucks.

Closed analog circuit



David Cunliffe (uk)

Mainly drummer/percussionist with long history of playing in a wide variety of groups. Also interested in writing and recording solo music Member of YMMV, an experimental / avant-garde project with Adrian Beentjes. Originally only drummer, he now plays  extending percussion/electronics/sequences and effects processing with some vocal elements. He appeared on the CWK series as a solo artist (Igorspacieuse blouse/coffin Boffin) and as a member of The ThudExperiment, "Turso iku". Photography and cinema are his interests.

Percussion, Electronics, Contact Microphones, Vocal emissions



Classwar Karaoke

Operated by Adrian Beentjes (usa-uk), Anthony Donovan (uk) and Jaan Patterson (de), Classwar Karaoke is based around a series of ongoing quarterly surveys. Each act contributes a piece of music or film, an image, and a piece of writing.

As a project, classwar karaoke is based around a series of ongoing, quarterly surveys, the first of which, dubbed '0001 survey', was released in May 2008. Each survey is different - in terms of personnel, number of personnel, and in terms of theme. Participation is fairly open - so long as those interested in being involved work intelligently within the broad context of experimental music and do not seek to use the project as just another on-line shop-window for their material. So far, the inclusive nature of classwar karaoke has worked wonderfully-well in terms of quality of material. See and hear for yourself by checking out our internet archive pages. Indeed, the label itself was envisaged, from the very start, as an experiment in the positive power which inclusivity can have upon artworking if included in meaningful ways. That said, we reserve the right to maintain the quality of both the art which is offered and the community from which it comes. Our ambitions for the label do not stop at periodic on-line releases. In the short time it has been running, we have already had  one  classwar  karaoke  live  showcase;  which  featured  as  0005  survey.  More  events  are  planned. Similarly, physical releases - of CDRs and DVDs - are forthcoming.

All material remains the property of the respective artists and is offered for free download in line with this license. The nine surveys published so far feature almost one-hundred artists, from all over the world; and the material in toto represents significant documentation of the experimental scene itself. Involvement in the project has helped spawn many fruitful collaborations, live-shows and a vibrant exchange of ideas; so much so that, for several repeat-participants, Classwar Karaoke is as much a collective as it is a mechanism for the release of new material.



Bórgia Ginz

Bórgia Ginz

Ansiamos a instituição da livre circulação e transmissão de objectos da criação intelectual abstracta. Como forma de acesso dos comuns mortais a realidades outras; como forma de incentivar cada indivíduo a criar a sua própria realidade. O Homem não é; o Homem é uma potência do que pode vir a ser. E nós ambicionamos o Homem-outro. Não confiamos no intelecto humano quando este se constroi encima da total ignorância sobre o absoluto da matéria. Apenas constatamos a intelectualidade que nasce da experimentação directa de um objecto material. O mundo tomba sob o peso de cada teoria nova baseada em velhas teorias do absurdo humano. Nós não nos baseamos nas velhas teorias. Nós não nos baseamos em nada. Construimos realidade. A nossa.

Website: astrangerparadise.com E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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