A Stranger Paradise

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Bórgia Ginz

Ansiamos a instituição da livre circulação e transmissão de objectos da criação intelectual abstracta. O Homem não é; o Homem é uma potência do que pode vir a ser. E nós ambicionamos o Homem-outro. Nós não nos baseamos nas velhas teorias. Nós não nos baseamos em nada. Construimos realidade. A nossa.



Joséphine Muller

De jour en jour le besoin s'impose d'avantage. Il ne se prête plus guère à une considération détachée. La stylistique appliquée n'est pas l'observation du réel.



Ian Linter

Non musika Excentrica IN! For electronikal renoise Key. Submit Random Science & reduction. Overflow cast Numar is for Den emon exp & la mort pour Vitas body convolution.



Juca Pimentel

Eu olho para Ti, e tenho medo, minha querida… Eu vejo-Te despida num sonho purpúreo e diabólico, e sinto nojo… e sinto vontade de vomitar, meu amor….


Radio schedule

Mon Jun 15 @22:00 - 11:59pm

Mon Jun 22 @22:00 - 11:59pm

Mon Jun 29 @22:00 - 11:59pm

Mon Jul 06 @22:00 - 11:59pm

Mon Jul 13 @22:00 - 11:59pm

offb002 IS KYA - Vütszen - A Stranger Paradise
offb008 Le Mal D'Archive - Histoires de plage - A Stranger Paradise


Recorded Live at Les Voûtes - Paris - 21st April - Octaèdre Resonant - an octet in two movements for electro-acoustic instruments, guitars, bass, prepared chamber, effects pedals, machinery, electronics, tapes, monotron, goyamoog, kaossilator, objects, with Adrian Beentjes, Anton Mobin, Ayato, Colin Johnco, David Cunliffe, Hopek Quirin, Ian Linter, Murmurists, Thomas Fernier.
21 Avril 2012 - Les Voûtes Paris - La Société de Curiosités, A Stranger Paradise et Classwar Karaoke présentent une performance exceptionnelle - OCTAEDRE RESONANT - un octuor en deux mouvements avec ADRIAN BEENTJES, ANTON MOBIN/AYATO, COLIN JOHNCO, DAVID CUNLIFFE, HOPEK QUIRIN, IAN LINTER, MURMURISTS, THOMAS FERNIER

Alex Kimball & Ian Linter - Kathedrikos Maschine

A Live Transmission with Alex Kimball and Ian Linter applying abstractions from different locations: Little Rock, USA, and Paris, France. An absolute act of improvisation after the render Myth & recording passion for Lodovico Series 9. Recorded Saturday, number 26/11 in 2011.

Strange Frequencies Channel - Live Transmission by Alex Kimball & Ian Linter
Saturday: 26th : November : 21h00 (gmt+1) Paris time

A Live Transmission with Alex Kimball and Ian Linter applying abstractions from different locations: Little Rock, USA, and Paris, France. An absolute act of improvisation after the render Myth & recording passion for Lodovico Series 9. Begin at 21h00 (gmt+1) and progression for at least 60 rotations/brain measure. Saturday, number 26/11.

Massacre Divino : Ian Linter:2008:enough records

Ian Linter : field recordings, effects processing, voice. Mounted at agonal side studio - Lamas d'Olo - Alvão.

OFF/BRUMA would like to thank all the beautiful dreamers who gave substance to this album.

Luís Antero's latest project named Out Level consists of a laptop, electric prepared guitar or field recordings. Having had 7 releases in several netlabels around the world, it is a project composed of many sounds from one lone man. Luís is originally from a small village at the foot of the Serra da Estrela Mountain range in Portugal where his musical influences fuse with his philosophical views as well as literary references.
Created in May 2009, "A Maïzing session with..." is a radio show broadcasted on the KKWNE webradio dedicated to live improvised music and organised at the Maïzing Studio in Paris, by Anton Mobin. The program is established according to the meeting of several artists who come on tour to Paris. In the first season (May 2009-May 2010), "A Maïzing session with..." was 13 radio shows with 22 international artists. The second season is on the same way...
After the release of "offb015 - Three solos", Ian Linter and Anton Mobin decide to continue the solo series. This time, four solos improvised live, successively by :such: (tape manipulation), Ian Linter (electronic manipulation), Rinus van Alebeek (tape manipulation) and Anton Mobin (tape manipulation).

Night over in k. Ian Linter's Kuma structures. After almost twenty years of sound construction under such names as OLoF NiNe, ACT9, La Main Traumatique, Massacre Divino, Airf'Auga, etc, Ian Linter records the first album in his own name. Immediatism & electronics in synthetic moisture and mass-organic cadencies. All tracks, as usual, were recorded directly to hard-drive, minidisc, or cassette and expresses real time manipulation of diverse sound sources; no throughout-time creation, no multi-track composition.

Slutimids!! is Naal Stayn's (anab L, trendy store, KZSE, lipstandärd, perplexions, tattooed intestine, while coldblue…) side project, created in autumn 2005. It's a lab to experiment strange concrete shapes and squeak things without any Post Punk pression or Cold Wave stereotypes. An approach of Anti Wave to reach further steps on each new album.
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