A Stranger Paradise

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Bórgia Ginz

Ansiamos a instituição da livre circulação e transmissão de objectos da criação intelectual abstracta. O Homem não é; o Homem é uma potência do que pode vir a ser. E nós ambicionamos o Homem-outro. Nós não nos baseamos nas velhas teorias. Nós não nos baseamos em nada. Construimos realidade. A nossa.



Joséphine Muller

De jour en jour le besoin s'impose d'avantage. Il ne se prête plus guère à une considération détachée. La stylistique appliquée n'est pas l'observation du réel.



Ian Linter

Non musika Excentrica IN! For electronikal renoise Key. Submit Random Science & reduction. Overflow cast Numar is for Den emon exp & la mort pour Vitas body convolution.



Juca Pimentel

Eu olho para Ti, e tenho medo, minha querida… Eu vejo-Te despida num sonho purpúreo e diabólico, e sinto nojo… e sinto vontade de vomitar, meu amor….


Radio schedule

Thu Jun 20 @15:00 - 05:00pm

Thu Jun 20 @20:00 - 08:59pm
O coleccionador de sons

Fri Jun 21 @15:00 - 05:00pm

Sat Jun 22 @15:00 - 05:00pm

Sun Jun 23 @15:00 - 05:00pm

offb012 Joséphine Muller & Ian Linter - Universal Transfusion - A Stranger Paradise
OLoF NiNe - Fuck, You're Dead - A Stranger Paradise


17th - 18th April 2012. Classwar Karaoke 48 hours non-stop. For the occasion of the first International Classwar Karaoke meeting in Paris, a 48 hours non-stop transmission with all the Classwar Karaoke surveys collection at Strange Frequencies Channel.
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Ian Linter:2006:pG

The interaction of the larger the number of partial waves required for convergence typically peaked around the equilibrium distance of the diatomic molecule in the ground state is due to the electric field-induced coupling between different partial waves.

During microwave breakdown the plasma front propagates towards the microwave source using a diffusion coefficient equal to the free electron diffusion coefficient everywhere gives a density profile closer to the one obtained with the effective diffusion coefficient.
A Stranger Paradise

Idaline B




Ilayali Bunder & electronic movement


OLoF NiNe: Fuck, You're Dead, sound on More than Amour
OLoF NiNe: Château Rouge, concert at L’Omadis, Paris


participation in Folie Douce: Barbès Rouge


Ilayali Bunder & Sex On Saturday: Dating You


pG Transmissions, live concerts in streaming
Joséphine Muller: A Kind Of (unpublished)


producões Ganza: Vortex08 at Casa-Viva, Oporto
Sex On Saturday: concert at Casa-Viva, Oporto
Sex On Saturday: Full Of Void (sound & movie)
La Main Traumatique: L´Oeil Interne et L’Apparition du Soleil


EMPATHY KILLS: Fade out (sound & movie)
Joséphine Muller: Je me souviens du Brésil (unpublished)

Francisco Q

1973 Birth

1985 Flute, violin and Classical Music until 1988

1988 Automatic writings. Pseudonyms: Vladimir Grabchenkov, Sandrinna’s

1990 Airf’Auga & sound. First recordings with Luis Vale and António Correia

1991 Violin’s class at the Vila Real Academy & Mestre José Armindo

1992 producões Ganza and the tape A Portuguese Prayer
Automatic writings & Francisco Orgia.
Airf’Auga: recordings with Zombie & others, until 1995

1993 Bórgia Ginz writes, and creates Juca Pimentel

1994 Airf’Auga 1

1995 OLoF NiNe & Ian Linter. Tapes: ON & EXP1
Bórgia Ginz: A Pele, drama in three acts & lost

1996 GRETUA, experimental theater group. O enforcado & Dr Benway
Actor in Fábula das Fábulas (Vicente Sanches), directed by Mário Montenegro

1997 Actor in Nunca Sempre (Almada Negreiros) , directed by João Tedim.
Actor in Uma Cerveja no Inferno (Mário Cesariny/Arthur Rimbaud), directed by Pedro Laranjo
New Airf’Auga recordings

1998 Juca Pimentel creates and directs Inst Vöid’Tzen
OLoF NiNe records Fist. More Airf’Auga tapes
Juca Pimentel: Guitar sessions

1999 OLoF NiNe - Inst Vöid’Tzen I, II, &III
Juca Pimentel: Direct Movies and other things
Airf’Auga 2 & 3.

2000 OLoF NiNe's concert at Sentidos Grátis, Oporto

2001 OLoF NiNe : Dancing Days/TEK NO
Juca Pimentel :Casio SA-5

2002 OLoF NiNe: Some Suicide

2003 Airf’Auga 4

2004 ZVoid (Trash is my heart): Kum

2005 OLoF NiNe: Fuck, You're Dead
OLoF NiNe: Château Rouge, concert at L’Omadis, Paris
Ian Linter: LOPKOLKILLSAF, video

2006 ACT9: Cloud

2007 ACT9: Le Miroir, concert at Le Miroir, Paris
pG Transmissions, live concerts in streaming

2008 produções Ganza : Vortex08 at Casa-Viva, Oporto
OLoF NiNe, concert at Casa-Viva, Oporto
ACT9, concert at Casa-Viva, Oporto
OFF/BRUMA net.video.label
Massacre Divino : Nix Khaos, The womb of darkness & Agarez-Arnal
Massacre Divino: concert at Fábrica de Som, Oporto
Plasma : Digital
IS KYA - Vütszen
Juca Pimentel : O quadrado Plasmático, Regressão Geométrica
La Main Traumatique: L´Oeil Interne et L’Apparition du Soleil

2009 Ian Linter: Live concert at Le Placard (Le Vaisseau)
Ian Linter: Kuma



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