A Stranger Paradise

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Bórgia Ginz

Ansiamos a instituição da livre circulação e transmissão de objectos da criação intelectual abstracta. O Homem não é; o Homem é uma potência do que pode vir a ser. E nós ambicionamos o Homem-outro. Nós não nos baseamos nas velhas teorias. Nós não nos baseamos em nada. Construimos realidade. A nossa.



Joséphine Muller

De jour en jour le besoin s'impose d'avantage. Il ne se prête plus guère à une considération détachée. La stylistique appliquée n'est pas l'observation du réel.



Ian Linter

Non musika Excentrica IN! For electronikal renoise Key. Submit Random Science & reduction. Overflow cast Numar is for Den emon exp & la mort pour Vitas body convolution.



Juca Pimentel

Eu olho para Ti, e tenho medo, minha querida… Eu vejo-Te despida num sonho purpúreo e diabólico, e sinto nojo… e sinto vontade de vomitar, meu amor….


Radio schedule

Thu Oct 24 @15:00 - 05:00pm

Thu Oct 24 @20:00 - 08:59pm
O coleccionador de sons

Fri Oct 25 @15:00 - 05:00pm

Sat Oct 26 @15:00 - 05:00pm

Sun Oct 27 @15:00 - 05:00pm

offb013 Joséphine Muller & Ian Linter - Human Khaos - A Stranger Paradise
ACT9 - Le Miroir (Live)  - A Stranger Paradise


Creative Commons License

Recorded Live at Les Voûtes - Paris - 21st April - Octaèdre Resonant - an octet in two movements for electro-acoustic instruments, guitars, bass, prepared chamber, effects pedals, machinery, electronics, tapes, monotron, goyamoog, kaossilator, objects, with Adrian Beentjes, Anton Mobin, Ayato, Colin Johnco, David Cunliffe, Hopek Quirin, Ian Linter, Murmurists, Thomas Fernier.
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The consecration concert of Tina Blue and her Big Band, celebrated on the 31st of October 2011, a rare occasion for her fans spread all over the world to share the myth of this all-time exponent of the Big Band Jazz.
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Alex Kimball & Ian Linter - Kathedrikos Maschine

A Live Transmission with Alex Kimball and Ian Linter applying abstractions from different locations: Little Rock, USA, and Paris, France. An absolute act of improvisation after the render Myth & recording passion for Lodovico Series 9. Recorded Saturday, number 26/11 in 2011.
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Anthony Donovan & Ian Linter - Amplex, Onomatopoetry

A Live Transmission with Anthony Donovan and Ian Linter applying abstractions from different locations: United Kingdom and France. An absolute act of improvisation after the render Myth & recording passion for Lodovico Series 9. Recorded Wednesday, number 19/10 in 2011.
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La Main Traumatique - Cadavre Liquide

Live at Le Placard Festival, Sèvres 2011. La Main Traumatique is Joséphine Muller and Ian Linter.

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Anton Mobin & Juca Pimentel

Live at Le Placard Festival, Sèvres 2011.

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Après avoir surfé sur sa guitare sur différentes vagues musicales, Dongle Doc découvre le laptop et commence à changer de cap voyageant désormais dans les océans de l'expérimental et de l'improvisation.

C'est pourquoi "Electrou Rideau" (c'est l'anagramme de son vrai nom ) tanguant entre compositions, improvisations et collages sonores, permet de belles plongées dans les profondeurs...

Laissez-vous donc emporter par le courant.

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"The initial results of the testing show that the patients were responsive to the regimens of treatment provided, however it soon became apparent that any signs of recovery were entirely illusory at best. Remission of symptoms were promptly followed by extreme palpitations of the heart, what the patient described as 'painful synesthesia', and finally a tightening of the chest similar to those experienced during an asthma attack. No patients lived longer than 24 hours following the initial procedure. In this, we claim a small degree of success."
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OFF/BRUMA would like to thank all the beautiful dreamers who gave substance to this album.

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